Architectural Glass Products

Homes, businesses and all other buildings deserve the highest level of safety. Our architectural glass products provide security and aesthetics all in one. 

SA Bullet Resistant Glass Co manufactures high quality security glass laminates for the Architectural market.
We have adapted our decades of experience in the armoured glass industry to produce a product that offers high security to residential and commercial property owners.
SA Bullet Resistant Glass Co is a pioneer and market leader in the South African security glass industry. We offer our clients the unique benefit of knowing that our innovative solutions are safe, secure and have stood the test of time.
Security glass for buildings, homes, banks, correctional facilities, retail stores, floors, swimming pools, aquariums, walk-on skylights, curved/bent glass, manual attack Resistoglas AB and Resistolite AB are resistant to forced entry. All available from a single source – SA Bullet Resistant Glass.
Security glass under the brand Resistoglas and Resistolite are multi layered laminates manufactured in varying gages and types to withstand either ballistic, forced entry, bomb blast conditions or a combination thereof. Security and fire resistant features are part of Resistovlam.
Resistoglas Supaclear can be used to increase the light transmission through glass. In this case high quality glass that is clear, without the greenish tint is used to give crystal clear vision.
SA Bullet Resistant Glass Co in its endeavour to be a single source supply has developed bullet proof solutions including frames for windows, doors, transaction drawers and pass through units for all applications like retail and food stores.

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