A range of doors made to clients requirements with edge to edge protection. 

These products are made with glass, steel, timber and aluminum. Ballistic doors with various level of protection, parcel doors and transaction doors are also custom designed for after hours personal safety. Shooting port are options. Forced entry doors with glass and opaque panels are also available.
Our range of bullet resistant doors are custom made to client requirements. We also offer discreet options. Resistodor products are made for commercial and industrial applications and can be supplied with options including vision panels, serving hatches of various sizes. 
We also produce forced entry resistant doors and special models with lockable shooting ports.
Resistodor offers the following grades of Ballistic Standards:
● MK 1: Handgun like 9mm Parabellum                                                                                ● MK 2: Handgun 357magnum● MK 3: Rifles like AK47 Ball.● MK 4: Rifles like 303 Rifles and 556 R4.● MK 5: Hard Core Armour Penetrating 762-51

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Access Control Glass
Access Control Glass
Access Control Glass

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