SABRG at a Glance

Supplying top quality glass since 1981 and constantly striving to deliver the best glass in the world

SA Bullet Resistant Glass Co was founded in 1981. For almost 40 years, our company has gained a reputation for reliability, innovation and the highest manufacturing standards. The Company has now extended its activities to the armouring all makes and models of vehicle at is facility in Johannesburg. The armouring takes various forms and options to suite client security and budget requirements.
We are the go-to source of specialist custom designed quality security glass products in South Africa - and our list of overseas customers is growing by the day.  At SA Bullet Resistant Glass we are proud of our deep culture of integrity towards our customers, staff and suppliers. We stand on our reputation for top quality, honest dealings, and serving the needs of our customers first and foremost. 
Recently, we have undertaken a major drive into foreign export markets and are currently supplying products to customers around the world.
SA Bullet Resistant Glass also provides a comprehensive consulting service that helps our customers to select the ideal product to meet the unique needs of their projects. 
Our bullet resistant glass has been used successfully by clients across South Africa and overseas. Several well-publicised violent crimes featured on the news were prevented - and lives saved - through the use of our products.
"The perfect type of armoured glass means enhanced safety that has the power to save lives."


Resistolite , Resistoglas and Resistogard are our three proprietary bullet resistant glass brands. They are the gold standard for quality in security glass.  
We offer a range of products to suit most applications. This gives our clients various levels of security to choose from while providing a variety of glass styles to suit almost any building. 
SA Bullet Resistant Glass has the knowledge and experience that comes from years of innovation. As the originator and developer of unique products that have saved lives and protected property, we know what works
We believe in meeting our clients requirements as we develop products to meet the specific needs of their project or application. 
Quick responses and short lead times for custom developments are all part of the package when you choose SA Bullet Resistant Glass as your preferred partner.