Light weight products especially for mobile applications where strength, visual features and most importantly - weight - are crucially important requirements.

When it comes to vehicles and mobile installations, weight is a crucial factor.
We make it our goal to create the lightest possible bullet resistant glass solutions that ensure the safety of personnel. Our products also ensure zero spall and fragment retention.

For customers operating in cold climates, we are able to provide de-icing and de-misting features in our Resistolite products. This heating technology is non-negotiable in freezing temperatures.

All of our transparent armour products are supplied with the full assembly including steel or aluminium surrounds.

We provide all the gaskets and seals needed for installation. We offer refurbishment of armoured glass windows to increase the longevity of the transparent armour and recover framing, depending on the current condition of the glass. 

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Access Control Glass
Access Control Glass
Access Control Glass
Access Control Glass
Access Control Glass
Access Control Glass

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